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Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Post

I'm sitting in a quiet house drinking some killer Zin. If you asked me just a little over three years ago if I would be living in Sonoma and working in the wine biz, I would've laughed. I guess you just never know where life will take you. So far, I've been quite successful in a short time.

Currently, I'm running two tasting rooms in Sonoma Valley and Bennett Valley. Both wineries have excellent reputations and make awesome wine. Everyday that I show up at these stunning locations, I'm still in awe that I've been able to make a living in this industry.

Enough about me....this blog is dedicated to wine in all aspects. The vineyard, the process, but most importantly the end product - the part we all love to enjoy. Stick around for some insight on the wine country lifestyle and my take on the wine and food I eat and drink.

Thanks for reading!

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